Learn all about how to role-play Buso Renkin style and also learn how the role-play works.



Add this section as the first to your character. The story doesn't have to be long, as long as it's fair.


Describe how your character looks like. Human appearances mainly consist of normal clothes and regular builds, Homonculus appearances in their Human form, look like normal Humans, in their Homonculus form, they have a scrappy beast-like appearance.


Describe how your character acts. The ideas for personalities is endless, you can mix personalities up.


List all of the role-plays and arcs your character has been in.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Powers and Abilities are important, including your Buso Renkin (if you have one). For example, your character has enhanced Speed or Strength and has fair Intelligence.



Godmodding. Doding, blocking, or not being affected by every single shot thrown at yo, play fair and lose sometimes.


Do not overpower your character or Buso Renkin. Like if your Buso Renkin can instantly kill a Homonculus, it depends on the fighting spirit of your character, wich cannot be too high for the Buso Renkin will be overpowered.

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